Minerva Imaging offers a wide range of in vitro and ex vivo assays for the development of radiopharmaceutical therapies.

We offer a comprehensive workflow for drug development. Our expertise covers the evaluation of drug-receptor interactions, the creation and implementation of functional cell assays, and the detection and quantification of diverse biomarkers in both in vitro and ex vivo settings. Moreover, we are highly experienced in identifying, developing, and characterizing in vitro model systems within the oncology and immune-oncology space.

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In vitro:

  • In vitro cell culture and co-culture
  • Primary cell isolation of including macrophages and T cells
  • Treatment with external radiation
  • Treatment with targeted radionuclide therapy
  • Gene and miRNA expression
  • Protein and cytokine expression and secretion
  • Binding interaction including Lindmo, affinity and specific binding assays
  • Mechanism of action of targeted radionuclide therapy including cell cycle, DNA-DSB detection
  • Phenotypic screening, including cell survival, proliferation, and apoptosis


  • Handling of radioactive tissue
  • Tissue extraction and preservation
  • DNA, RNA, and protein isolation
  • mRNA, miRNA, protein, and cytokine expression
  • Cellular phenotyping
    • Flow cytometry
    • Histology including special stains, Immunohistochemistry and staging by trained pathologists

Sebastian Gnosa, PhD

Team leader