Flow Cytometry Services for translational drug development

Minerva Imaging has extensive experience in the design and execution of preclinical studies. We engage with our clients to understand their scientific questions and discuss how our methods, platforms, and capabilities can provide answers. The more researchers learn about their research programs, the more detailed the questions become. Furthering those advances in knowledge requires an ever-evolving repertoire of services to ensure uncompromised quality and continuity of research. To that end, we offer cutting-edge flow cytometry services to supplement our radiopharmaceuticals and imaging services and accompany you on your journey to success.

Flow Cytometry Key Features

  • ≥100 mW 5 laser BD FACSymphonyTM A3 (≤30 parameters)
  • Multiparametric analysis with excellent performance and consistency
  • Typical services include:
    • Analysis of radioactive samples
    • Immunophenotyping
    • Expression profiling
    • Target identification
    • In vivo time series
    • T cell activation/exhaustion
    • Cell-based assays

Flow Cytometry Services

Flow cytometry is a powerful tool to assess single-cell immune profiles in preclinical and clinical settings. Our scientific team has extensive experience with the selection of animal models, and how to characterize complex immune phenotypes and rare cells in the tumor micro-environment, peripheral blood, or lymphatic organs. Flow cytometry can be the essence of your study, or you can add an ex vivo flow cytometry arm to any in vivo study to uncover new insights about your research program.

Flow cytometry is a powerful tool to assess single-cell immune profiles in preclinical and clinical settings.

Support and Guidance

Our scientific team will accompany and see through every phase of the project, from understanding your specific requirements to designing, setting up, and successfully deploying the flow cytometry assay. You can count on transparent communication, professional support, and advanced scientific insights to keep your research moving forward.

  • Study Design with guidance from highly experienced immunologist
  • Panel Design (pre-set or customized Panels)
  • Determination of Proper Controls (compensation, FMO, Isotype, )
  • Antibody Titration
  • Assesment of Gating Strategy, Data Processing and Analysis
  • Dynamic and Informative data reporting, including raw data, statistical analysis, observations, actionable recommendations


FACSymphony flow cytometry


Houman Pourhassan, PhD

Scientific Business Developer