Minerva Histology Services 

We understand the critical role histological data play in reaching conclusive decisions during biomedical research by providing spatial resolution at the cellular level.

Our histology services provide accurate and reliable data, enabling you to gauge the effectiveness of your interventions and make data-driven decisions.

We can perform all histology services on radioactive samples – avoiding delays in generating study outcomes

We can perform all of our histology services on radioactive samples. This includes all steps from isolating tissue, embedding, sectioning, staining and scanning.
This enables us to generate data for key decisions without the delay that will come from waiting until the radioactivity from the isotopes has decayed. Thus, we can offer you a significantly shorter turn-a-round time for delivering valuable study outcomes.


Expand your insight into radio-induced DNA damage with IHC

In the field of radio-therapy, it is highly valuable to determine the occurrence and level of radio-induced DNA damage in the targeted cells or tissues.

We offer validated IHC staining protocols for the essential markers of DNA double-strand breakage:

  • gamma-H2AX
  • Cleaved Caspase-3
We offer validated IHC staining protocols for essential markers such as gamma-H2AX for double-strand damage and Cleaved Caspase-3 for programmed cell death.

IHC staining for markers gamma-H2AX and Cleaved Caspase-3.


We offer a range of validated protocols but can also customize our protocols to generate specific study outcomes for you

Minerva offers a range of validated protocols for our histological services which have been developed to meet the highest standards.

However, it is a priority for us to optimize the outcome of your histology study. Should you wish to apply one or more custom-made protocols to your study, our highly trained staff is happy to work closely with you on this to ensure that all of your requirements are met.

The custom-made protocol development we offer includes:

  • Embedding: We can optimize embedding by fractionation, inclusion of positive controls, creating multi blocks etc
  • Staining: We are happy to develop special staining protocols for your application, e.g. dual staining, multi-block staining, fluorescence etc.
  • Interpretation/Image Analysis: Our experts will work closely with you to define the clinically relevant information from your histology study and thus maximise the value of your study outcomes

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