Minerva Imaging is on track to implement the vision of an integrated radiopharmaceutical development organization covering lead optimization to first in human studies. Our fully integrated facility was completed in 2020, including cell and in vitro laboratories and in vivo facility, all certified to work with radioisotopes. The ongoing investment of more than 20M USD in Contract Development and Manufacturing services (CDMO), adds GMP manufacturing of radionuclides and radiopharmaceuticals to Minerva’s chain of services.

Minerva adds GMP manufacturing - PETtrace 880 cyclotron arrives

The construction project has been executed in the same way as we work with our clients, where close collaboration, quality and speed are essential for the development process. Minerva broke first ground in Q1, 2022 and the facilities will be operational in Q1 2023. We are extremely grateful for the dedication and efforts demonstrated by our employees and all our partners in the project, which has made this timeline possible.

GMP manufacturing

Already during 2023, Minerva collaborators will take advantage of the integrated development and manufacturing approach including GMP manufacturing, enabling faster and more integrated development of the next generation of radiopharmaceuticals.

Cancer patients need better treatments, and we believe radiopharmaceuticals can improve cancer treatment. Further, radiopharmaceuticals hold the promise of delivering on precision medicine with the unique advantage of being both diagnostic and therapeutic.

Minerva Imaging welcomes all partners and new colleagues who share and support our vision of better treatment through targeted radionuclide therapies to improve the treatment of cancer patients. Please contact us if the additional services are of interest and you want to learn more about our capabilities.

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Minerva adds GMP manufacturing - PETtrace 880 cyclotron with Minerva's co-founders