Radionuclide therapy

Minerva Imaging has comprehensive experience in performing preclinical studies with targeted radionuclide therapy in oncology, using both alpha- and beta-emitting ligands.

Our capabilities include on-site radiochemistry, in vitro testing, in vivo evaluation in relevant animal models, ex vivo assays, and facilitation of clinical translation to first in human clinical trials.

Custom radiolabeling of small molecules, peptides, proteins, and antibodies are available. The list of radionuclides available include, but are not limited to: 177Lu, 131I, 227Th, 223Ra, 224Ra, 225Ac.

Our rodent model catalogue includes subcutaneous, orthotopic, and metastatic cancer models, established with murine and humane cell lines, or patient derived models (PDX models). Minerva Imaging has extensive experience in designing and performing biodistribution and pharmacokinetic studies, efficacy studies, and non-invasive imaging studies.

Our facility for large animals facilitates the opportunity to include also larger animals in the preclinical testing.

Lastly, clinical translation to first in human Phase I/IIa studies is undertaken in close collaboration with our clinical partners.

To receive further information on the opportunities and data output examples, please feel free to contact us.


Approval of handling alpha- and beta-emitters, e.g. 177Lu, 131I, 227Th, 223Ra, 224Ra, 225Ac

Targeted radionuclide therapy in subcutaneous and orthotopic PDX models

Targeted radionuclide therapy in metastatic models

On-site custom radiolabeling of small molecules, peptides, proteins and antibodies

Contact Person

Carsten H. Nielsen, PhD

Co-founder, CEO