Molecular Imaging

Building on more than two decades of research in Nuclear Medicine we are proficient in conducting molecular imaging studies with a translational focus.
Imaging studies can be combined with our advanced oncology models to investigate the in vivo biodistribution, e.g. radiolabeled antibodies, or imaging biomarkers in drug efficacy studies.

We facilitate clinical translation (Phase I/II) of radio-tracers in collaboration with our clinical partners.


Available radiotracers:

  • 18F-FDG, 18F-FLT, 18F-FET, 18F-NaF, 18F-FES
  • 68Ga-PSMA, 68Ga-RGD
  • 89Zr labeled antibodies, e.g. 89Zr-trastuzumab
  • Custom radiolabeling of small molecules, peptides, proteins and antibodies using e.g. 89Zr.

Imaging modalities:

  • PET/CT imaging
  • SPECT/CT imaging
  • MR imaging
  • Optical (bioluminescence) imaging

Contact Person

Carsten H. Nielsen, PhD

Co-founder, CEO